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Capão 250g

Piatã, Bahia, BRAZIL

Super sweet, with toffee, nectarine and hazelnuts

Region: Bahia (state), Chapada Diamantina (region), Piatã (town), Brazil
Altitude: 1,300m above sea level
Variety: Catuaí
Processing: Pulped Natural (depulped and patio dried)

Yes, Brazil is something of a monolithic coffee producing nation. And yes, the bulk of its coffees are grown on huge, mechanically harvested farms. But there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, and Salvador Mesquita’s petite (by Brazilian standards, anyways) farm ‘Capão’ is an archetypical one. A dedicated specialty producer and two-time Cup of Excellence finalist, Salvador hand picks ripe cherries and dries his coffees slowly and carefully. What emerges is a coffee full of brightness and life - a world away from the heavy, nutty commercial coffees on which Brazil’s reputation is set.